The new New Normal

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.56.24 am It's been, like, three weeks since I wrote anything here, but I just haven't been feeling it. After moving house, dealing with a succession of colds and gastro and snot, and a teething toddler, there hasn't been a lot of time to sit and write. At work, we are getting ready for a big photoshoot of our new range in mid-September, before our first Finders Keepers stand in the first weekend in October. We are launching a few new additions to our kid's range there. We've designed everything, but have only actually built about 30% of the products yet, so best get cracking!

I've been listening to heaps of podcasts lately as I've been unpacking and dealing with sick kids. God, I love podcasts. I can whack one on and half-listen to it while the kids are playing or I'm getting dinner or schlepping the kids around somewhere.

If you don't already know, my friend Tess McCabe and I have our own podcast called The New Normal. I realised that I haven't actually written about it much here, which is weird. It's heaps of fun to do. We basically chat to all sorts of awesome ladies (and a couple of men) about parenting, being creative, running businesses and all the chaos that ensues. We have covered big, scary painful topics like miscarriage, premature birth, depression and a partner having an aneurysm (you'll need tissues for that one), chats with women who run successful businesses, creative ladies of all disciplines, mums of heaps of kids and our poor, ravaged pelvic floors. It's really shaped how I parent and how I view the whole messy business of motherhood, and more broadly than that, the whole human experience.

In a time when women are yanking our fellow ladies down and criticising each other to the nth degree, I love that we have created a little community of mums who support, share and listen.

We've just launched a new website here.

Have a look and a listen!


The new normal.

TNN_iTunes_1400x1400 Hola! My friend Tess McCabe (of Creative Women's Circle fame, amongst other things) and I have started a podcast called The New Normal, which I have alluded to in previous posts. I am a big podcast listener, especially with all the driving I do these days, so am pretty stoked about it. 

It is pretty flippin' rad. Tess' husband Patrick made a very catchy intro song which gets stuck in my head for days. We basically just chat to different parents about kids, parenting, working, being creative and getting shit done. The thing I am loving is how it highlights how everyone is just schlepping along, trying to make the whole life-with-kids thing work. We have talked to some amazing ladies so far and have a few equally amazing blokes lined up for the near future. 

Go and listen to our ramblings. You can download the file or stream it from the website.