Recent readings - Winter edition

So, due to the FREEZING cold weather and our under-heated house, I have been going to bed early (sometimes as soon as the boys are in bed!) with a hot water bottle and my brand new Kindle. Here are a few books I've read in the past couple of weeks... Cosmo Cosmolino by Helen Garner.  I LOVE Garner's work. Her writing is so spare and eloquent, tightly edited and carefully woven. This book, however, was MUCH more purple and flowery than anything else of hers I have read. Still awesome, but definitely not the Helen Garner I know and love. It's probably my least favourite of her books, but still an excellent read.

Kitchens of the Great Midwest by Ryan Stradal. I have about 100 pages of this to go and have really enjoyed it so far. The story focusses on a girl who was born to foodie parents, and she grows up to be a culinary whiz. The story is peppered with recipes and homages to perfect tomatoes and corn. Definitely one to read if you want some cooking inspiration!

Dietland by Sarai Walker covers a lot of territory: feminism, the (evil) diet industry, body image, women's magazines, self care... all wrapped up in a rollicking narrative. A really easy read.

Why French Children Don't Talk Back by Catherine Crawford. I've read a heap of French parenting books, or American books about how the French apparently parent much better than the rest of the world, and they are all interesting and eye-opening reads. This one in particular focusses on how the French aim to raise good citizens and well-adjusted adults who can hold interesting conversations, have decent manners and respect their family. All noble goals! I don't think I parent my kids in any particular way (I try and focus on lots of outside time, roughhousing, talking about everything, having manners and trying new things) but this book gave me lots of food for thought.

And online...

Having babies makes you better at work. Amen!

Hairstylists in the delivery room? Not for me, but hey, whatever makes you feel good!

This has done the rounds already, but it really resonated with me.

I want to print this out and wallpaper my house with it. I was nodding along the whole time.

Have a good week