Apps I've Known and Loved

IMG_7960 I am pretty addicted to my iPhone, but aren't we all? I regularly have freakouts that smartphones are the cigarettes of our generation and we will be looking back in 40 years, after all our brains are turned to mush and all our kids have ADHD and think WHY DIDN"T WE DO SOMETHING but then we will move onto something else, because our attention spans will be 0.05 seconds long (I blame Buzzfeed).

Anyway, I obviously am not too concerned because my phone is basically a lifeline between my and the outside world, not to mention my main way of keeping an eye on the business. I LOVE finding new apps that make my life easier or at least slightly less chaotic, and love peering at other people's home screens to see what they use.

So, onwards to the apps.


This is quite literally my life, in list format. It is a to do list app, and you can divide it by Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming and Someday. The tasks automatically shift forwards, and you can also sort it by folders. The app syncs with a desktop app, a web app and Chrome extension too. The best bit? It calculates how many total items you have completed. I am up to 4,609 *fistpump* I recently got Lee addicted too and it has really helped streamline our work.


I read lots of different things online, and with the Pocket Chrome extension I can save longer articles to my Pocket account to read later. This kind of app is pretty common (instapaper etc) but the BEST part about this particular one is that my Kobo ereader has a Pocket extension so I can read my saved articles on my ereader, offline. Gold.


This is the standard iTunes podcast app. I listen to quite a few podcasts, (*cough* shoutout The New Normal *cough*) as I can pop one on while hanging around the house with the kids, folding washing at night, or driving somewhere. I've also got Stitcher and Podbean on my phone, but I mostly listen via Podcasts.


Lets me do our business bookkeeping from my phone. Amazing and life changing.


Awesome tool for scheduling Instagram posts in advance. I tee up a few at a time for Gratton and for The New Normal, then just post them when I need too. A big time-saver, especially as Instagram won't let you use more than one account at a time.


This is where I read blogs. I only try and keep my list to about 20 blogs at a time, and I usually just whizz through it a couple of times a week and save anything that looks good to Pocket (see above) for reading later on.

Instagram (obvs), Gmail, Pinterest, the Notes app ( I currently have lists of books to read, music to find, things to cook, and a million weird notes to myself that make no sense), the ABC news app and Google Maps, as I am extremely directionally challenged.