Me, elsewhere: How to run a business with your partner

I wrote an article earlier in the year about running a business with your partner. Lee and I are partners in life, business and crime (crimes include the illegal downloading of Mad Men, smoking pot while backpacking in Spain and occasionally letting Archie sit on our laps while we drive down the laneway. Gangsters!). There is no way I have all the answers, but we haven't killed each other yet, so we must be doing something right.


For some couples, working together makes perfect sense. You have complementary skillsets, share a passion and vision and you obviously like them as a person and enjoy their company. Why not build on that and start a creative business together?

If you can make it work, setting up shop with your favourite person allows the kind of freedom, flexibility and work-life balance that creative people dream about. My husband and I run a bespoke timber furniture and joinery company, which allows us the flexibility to raise our young sons together. However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing and there has been plenty of roaring arguments negotiations to get to where we are now. Here’s our advice to keep your business and relationship on track and out of the divorce court.

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