Forget me nots #3

DSC_0040 Funny, random stuff I don't want to forget about Archie at this age...

  • Archie has decided that the new baby's name is Joe. As far as I know, he doesn't know anybody called Joe so I have no idea where it came from. I have started calling the baby Joe now too, and I think it is growing on me (and in me, ha ha)! Possible boy name? His other baby name ideas are Banana, Dirt and Archie, so honestly I'm not trusting his judgment.
  • He has started saying "See ya!" when I put him to bed. Our routine is read books, lights off, sing twinkle twinkle and cuddle and then into the cot. I say "I love you, good night!" and he replies with "See ya mum!" So freaking cute.
  • When we talk about what he did that day at daycare, in this tiny, sad, resigned voice he says "Bye Mum." It KILLS me. So cute, so heartbreaking. He is only there one day a week and loves it, but it kills me that what he remembers the most is saying goodbye to me.
  • His favourite foods are cheese, pasta and sultanas. He will eat anything in soup form and and any kind of quiche or lasagne, or anything in a wrap, but will freak if I put raw vegies on his plate. I read that it takes kids up to 15 exposures to a certain food before eating it, so I keep offering him vegies but don't stress if he doesn't eat it. There's always veggie soup!
  • We have just introduced him to a tiny blunt knife for cutting up his food. He manages to hold it in his left hand and use his fork correctly, but if he is getting frustrated then he just shoves handfuls into his mouth with his fist. He is pretty fussy about the rituals around eating and always wants to use a plate and sit down properly, which is great. My table manners nazi ways are paying off! He's doing pretty well for 21 months.
  • We are getting more into potty training. He gets the whole process and what goes where, but still doesn't know when he is about to do a poo or wee. There have been lots of messes but I think we are slowly getting there. I don't know if my grand plans of getting him out of nappies before the baby comes will actually come to fruition, but I think we will come close.