Taking stock

Jeepers. What is with this time of year? I've been flat out doing all the things and going all the places and making all the food. And it's only the 2nd of December. Lots of exciting things are happening with our house and business, as well as a new fun project I will tell you about once it actually happens. Also, I am growing a human, so there's that. Sad Elf

Making : Mango lassi, mango salad, mango smoothies... we have two big boxes of mangoes to get through and I am LOVING it. Just sniffing them makes me feel all summery and winsome. Cooking : Cake pops for a 9th birthday party, cinnamon rolls for playgroup Christmas party and some sort of fabulous dessert for a family Christmas party on Sunday. Drinking : Soda Stream-ified water by the bucketful. Also, Mac's Green Apple Sparkling Fruit Drink, aka the pregnant lady's beer. Reading: Some rando Bryce Courtenay book. It's taking me a while as I read approximately two thirds of a page before falling asleep. Wanting: A back massage. I've been pilates-ing twice a week but the old dodgy pelvis is starting to ache. Looking: Forward to Christmas with Archie. He is pretty into Santa (except when he actually has to touch him) and Christmas trees and carols and the whole shebang. Playing: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings LOUDLY in the hope that Arch develops an appreciation for lady soul music. Deciding: What's for lunch - sushi or a salad roll? Wishing: That I never had to pee. How much more productive would that be! Enjoying: Seeing life through the eyes of a toddler. Walking several feet becomes an adventure in poking every blade of grass, picking up rocks to hand to me, licking a pole, breaking into song then doing fart noises on his arm, all within 30 seconds. Waiting: Impatiently for our planning permit to be approved. We were initially told it might take up to six months but the council called last week to say that we comply with all requirements and it should be approved by Christmas. Woop woop! Liking: That the weather is slowly slowly slowly getting warmer, the days are longer, there is less traffic and stone fruit is here! Wondering: How I am going to cope with a toddler and a newborn. I need more arms! Loving: My husbo. It was our one year wedding anniversary on Sunday. Awwwww. Pondering: Baby names. I have a shortlist but it is lacking in girl names. A sign?! Considering: Whether it is possible to drink too much water. I am SO THIRSTY all the time and so guzzle guzzle guzzle like a camel. Watching: Bits of the Dr Who 50th Anniversary special with my epic Dr Who nerd of a husband. I liked the bit where they got the old doctors all together. David Tennant is my favourite by far. Hoping: That is won't be too hot on the weekend as we have a market stall, a birthday party and a Christmas party. Marvelling: At how babies grow. I get the Huggies emails telling me how big the baby is each week, and seriously, it is a freaking miracle. Human are amazing. Needing: to clean out my handbag. I can see a tape measure, roll of gaffa tape, three notebooks, three pairs of sunglasses, two jars of nappy cream, a matchbox car and million old receipts/tissues/toothpicks. Smelling: Earl Grey tea and Monte Carlo biscuits. Wearing: A black jersey dress that isn't technically maternity wear, but I managed to get into it for most of my last pregnancy. Noticing: My skin is super super dry at the moment. Yuck. Knowing: That I have a huge weekend coming up and trying to get early nights in! Thinking: About Christmas songs for toddlers that have hand actions. I don't think there are any, so I'm going to have to make up my own actions for Jingle Bells and Rudolph. Feeling: Sore backed, a bit tetchy and tired, but happy. Admiring: My mum's enthusiasm for cheer. Buying: All the things. I think I have sorted out most Christmas shopping, with the exception of a few little bits and pieces. I've just gotta get my work Kris Kringle, a present for the tenant's at our old house, and presents for interstate family. Opening: Advent calendars! Lee and I have a Freddo one each, and I have been looking for a non-chocolate one for Archie that just has pictures (because I am the sugar Nazi /grinch). I even thought of getting one of those ones with pockets and putting medjool dates and dried apricots in it, but that might be going too far.


Happy Summer, peeps!