What I've Been... 150 posts, museums and Pingu

photo 1

Helping his Dad blow up the baby pool. There was a lot of snot and saliva involved.

photo 2

First ever lick of the bowl.

photo 3

Fussy baby wants to eat everything and nothing. So obviously I just gave in and let him choose.

photo 4

An outtake from our photo shoot last week. More photos to come!

photo 5

Making coffee.

Writing... apparently, 150 posts! Good lord. That is a lot of self-indulgent gasbagging.  For something that began 2 1/2 years ago with this post (and honestly, it's no wonder the internet didn't break with the poignancy and meaningfulness of that post), then saw me start and finish design school, renovate a couple of houses, get knocked up, pop out a baby and the total clusterf*ck of feelings that ensued, I never imagined I'd still be writing here now. Thanks for putting up with me, peeps.

Visiting... The Melbourne Museum. Last Wednesday they had a special day for kid aged 0-5, so I took the little guy. We got to go on a tram, which is probably the most exciting thing to happen to Archie since his first banana bread experience. He was pretty concerned that the Myki card reader didn't have any buttons to press, despite it looking slightly like a button at a pedestrian crossing. So obviously he tried to lick the machine, just to check that there definitely weren't any secret buttons that only reveal themselves through contact with the saliva glands of a toddler. Thankfully the ninja skills of his mother prevented his tongue from touching the germ-infested machine. I'm preeeeetty sure I don't need syphilis and salmonella added to his list of woes.

Anyway, the museum was ridiculously busy and overrun with small people, harried mothers and cranky museum staff.  Arch had a ball. I hadn't been there for years, and the Children's Museum is so, so awesome. They have all sorts of exhibits and interactive stuff. His favourite thing was a big fibreglass statue of a wombat that he kept kissing and roaring at. Little weirdo.

Also visiting... Artplay. We went to an workshop run by a couple of artists at Artplay on Wednesday morning called Explore, Burrow and Build. Archie was extremely unimpressed and spent the whole time eating a banana in the corner and looking surly. Good times.

Applying... for a demolition permit. I only just learnt this, but it is possible to get a demolition permit from a building surveyor without getting a proper planning permit from the council. Take that, Moreland Council! So now we can pull down the back half of the house without waiting the 6+ months for the council to get their asses into gear. And smash the sh*t out of that fugly kitchen.

Feeling... shite. I have had a shocker of a cold that has rendered me pretty much useless. So let's just say that Archie's televisual habits have become somewhat...  overindulged, of late. He is extremely into Pingu, who is a little claymation penguin that speaks Penguin and lives in an igloo with his family and does cute funny stuff. Archie is a huge fan and does a little Pingu walk and head bob and giggles hysterically at the TV. Pretty darn cute.