What I've Been...

Making :  Two quilts, a crochet blanket and a mess.
Eating: A yummy burger and brownie from a cute little cafe that I haven't been to in years. We went on Saturday with one of my dear friends who I haven't seen much of lately due to us working and me living in the sticks. Her kids are so gorgeous and so close. They obviously love each other a lot. It makes me want to have another baby soon so Archie can have such a lovely sibling relationship.
Cooking: Baked salmon and veggies for dinner.
Wanting: More space. More room to move. Time to go faster and to slow down.
Looking: At the weather. It is so freaking cold in Melbourne right now. I can't wait for sunny days, with bare legs and no coat.
Wishing: That our house was finished and we were living in Brunswick already, next door to our awesome neighbours. They are a beautiful couple, one is a fabulous cartoonist and the other is a beautiful, eloquent creative writing professor. They have been super friendly right from the first day we got the keys.
Enjoying: Not doing my hair at all, and realising that it doesn't look too bad completely unbrushed, unblowdried and untouched. So liberating!
Waiting: For my dad and brother to get home. They left to hike the Kokoda trail on the weekend and I am so excited for them. What an adventure!
Liking: Working. I like the rituals of it- packing my lunch, getting a hot chocolate from the cafe down the street, bunkering down and writing writing writing before coming up for air and a banana.
Wondering: How Archie can eat four Weetbix for breakfast one day and then just one grape  and three spoonfuls of yoghurt the next.
Loving: The exhausted-but-happy feeling of a day spent digging holes in the mud. Am I mad ?!
Hoping: This yuck head cold that Lee, Archie and I all have goes away soon
Thinking: About travelling around Australia in a cute caravan when the kids are a bit older. I am obsessed. I woke up in the middle of the night planning which route we will take. It's about eight years away but still! So excited.