Quilt-a-long, Week 1

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So I got a bit overexcited and rushed ahead with the quiltalong. This week I'm supposed to just pick my fabrics, but I went a bit nuts and chose the fabrics, then cut out the triangles, sewed them and pressed them. I have totally caught the quilting bug and am addicted.

I also made a quilt top for another quilt too - I was planning on giving this to a friend but am totally going to keep it for myself. Because I am greedy like that.

photo 3

I really want to start sewing more dresses and stuff like that. I used to be really into making clothes when I was a wannabe hippie teenager but my enthusiasm waned once I grew up and realised that my homemade fake-fur bags and rhinestones-hot-glued-to-denim ensembles actually just looked really shithouse.