Flying the flag

flag2-auntycookie You guys. I am a fairly average sewer, but can make basic things like pencil cases and cushion covers. I've always wanted to make a rad quilt for Archie, and so when Shannon posted about a Quilt-A-Long she is doing, I was like YES.  I'm so in. I have no real idea wtf a quilt-a-long is, but I think we just make the awesome quilt above along with some other people, then compete in some sort of quilt Olympics and the best one gets a prize. And god knows, I love a competition.

Anyway, as some of you know, my mother, however, is an incredible quilter who can pump out an awesome patchwork creation in a few days, and has a fancy pants machine and all that. So while I may be tempted to call in reinforcements if necessary, I am determined to come out from beneath her shadow and do it all myself.

First up is choosing the fabric. I'll take some pics of the stuff I choose and chuck them up here this week sometime. Fingers crossed this doesn't end in total disaster.