Five Things for a Friday.


1. Last Sunday Archie had his first proper barnyard experience at my Dad's farm in Inverleigh. My grandma had a Christmas in July lunch down there, so we sat Arch on my knee in the front seat of Grandpa's big car and he got to see pigs, sheep, tractors, cows, dogs and lots of mud. There was lots of relaxing, eating, hanging out with my family and making animal noises. Perfect.

2. My efforts at not eating too much crap and moving a bit more have been pretty solid this week. I have been having porridge and a green smoothie for breakfast, then keeping it simple for lunch and dinner. I made a sort-of-healthy banana cake on Monday and managed to not eat it all in one sitting, so that's an improvement already.

I have been bashing out the kms on the exercise bike whilst watching old episodes of Roseanne. God, that is one excellent show. I remember my mum used to tape it for my dad and they would watch it together and crack up. Darlene is the bomb.

In order to be super buff and avoid peeing myself when I sneeze (oh hi, giant baby that destroyed my pelvic floor with your massive head!) I have been doing pilates on the living room floor in my pyjamas. So hot. I have gotten into these Youtube videos, and doing a few ten minute videos in a row, depending on whether I want to do a Bangin' Bod Beach workout, Bikini Kill Booty! Booty! Booty! workout, or Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat challenge. The names of the videos make me laugh and the instructor is extremely annoyingly bubbly and energetic. I swing between wanting to punch her in the face and be her best friend. Which is kind of what you want in a pilates instructor, yeah?

3. Archie had his first proper day at childcare yesterday. Oh, man,it was hard. I dropped him off at about 7am, which is when I'll be taking him once I start work next week. I gave him to his carer and he just looked around warily and pointed at me, then started to do epic sad face. His carer sat him down and started reading him a book, so I did a quick wave and kiss, then ducked out with a huge lump in my throat. I called an hour later and she said that he was pretty grumpy and wanted to be held the whole time. But when I went to pick him up at midday, he had slept for an hour and a half, had a big lunch and was super happy. Such a relief! He's a brave little soldier.

4. We have got the final plans back for our new house! Woo. There has been much debate about where to put the laundry, whether two toilets is better than a combined bath and shower, how much bench space does a laundry need, where to put windows.... so many things to decide. But this is totally the funnest part of the whole process, because we can forget that we are doing all the work ourselves. Specifying floor to ceiling tiles in a 3.3m high room is a great idea, until we remember that it means that we will actually be sticking those freaking tiles to the walls ourselves. Rad.

5. Aldi have adult onesies. So obviously I bought one. It has a bum flap and tapered legs. So hideous, yet so comfortable.

Archie is now clearly going to be an only child, because when Lee took one look at me in the onesie any chance of me getting laid ever again flew out the window. Sorry, darling.