Five Things for a Friday.

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1. Archie had his orientation session at childcare yesterday. I waited in the carpark like a weirdo, trying to spy on him through the fence. He was totally fine when I left, happily playing with his mates Henry and Casey. After about an hour I came back and he was full-on screaming his head off. Big, wet tears and the heartbreaking breathing he does when he can't catch his breath. Apparently he had been fine until the teacher he had been doing drawing with left to have her lunch, and he realised that I wasn't there still. Poor little duck.

2. Because I am hardly breastfeeding anymore, I can feel myself getting sluggish. Sludgy. Softer. That is probably all in my head, but I haven't been this skinny since I was 16 and I still eat like a teenage boy, so I am putting it all down to the breastfeeding. And now that Archie is't feeding much, I would like to continue to fit into my clothes and not creep up to being a chunky monkey again. So. I have started riding 10km every morning on the spin bike, which takes about half an hour. I'm going to work up to more distance, with higher resistance. I've done three days so far and my legs are sore, but I have a bit more energy and feel less guilty about eating half a box of Favourites last night. Baby steps, you guys.

3. Mum and I found a whole stack of my old toys, and her old toys too, which are nearly 50 years old. We found the Barbie campervan, the Barbie convertible, dollhouse furniture, and a million little plaster figurines of ducks in bonnets and rabbits carrying baskets of flowers. Most excitingly I found my old doll called Sally. Archie was mostly interested in how her eyes worked, which meant he was trying to gouge them out with a bubble wand. As you do.

4. Archie's cold has developed into bronchiolitis. GREAT. Apparently he is not contagious anymore because he has had it for such a long time, but I still get frosty looks from the playground mums when he barks all over their kids. He has to have an asthma puffer with a mask, which as you can imagine is a really enjoyable experience for everyone.

5. I just heard about K Rudd's new policy to send asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea. I am angry and sad and disappointed and ashamed that he can wash his hands of the 'problem'. So many feelings. In 100 years, our great great grandchildren will look back at the way this government has treated refugees and people seeking asylum in the same way we view the White Australia policy. Sickening.