Five Things for a Friday.

1003e68ae90311e292fc22000a1f9806_7 1. I got the job! Woo! I start on Monday 29th of July. Super excited about using my brain and writing articles again. I am also looking forward to having a proper reason to get dressed nicely and brush my hair, and drive in the car on my own without listening to Peter Coombe and trying to pass sultanas into tiny grabby hands. Yay! I think I am going to get these shoes to celebrate (and they are on sale!). Because obviously every milestone in my life deserves a shoe reward.

2. In light of my newly employed status, I have been trying to get my shit together somewhat, because there are times when I come dangerously close to becoming that mum who tries to pass yoga pants off as corporate wear and feeds her kid weetbix for every meal. I fell down the rabbit hole of this website, which is run by a mum with FIVE KIDS. That alone blows my mind. She runs a tight ship, and has heaps of ideas for meal planning and budgeting and routines. I love a bit of good organisational porn.

3. Speaking of feeding kids weetbix for every meal, Archie has gone on a self-imposed diet where he eats only white or yellow foods. Pasta, rice, yoghurt, cheese, bread, potatoes, bananas.  I made the mistake of cooking a batch of these yummy (to me) quinoa and vegie balls, and he took one bite and gave a look that unmistakably said "WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. THIS."

He did the same thing with his sleeping - as soon as I got slightly smug about him being a good sleeper, it all went to crap. My former eat-everything baby is long gone. I have been trying to relax about it and just keep feeding him different things, so hopefully he will come around in the next five years or so.

4. We went to an awesome park yesterday, in Eltham North. It is an adventure playground built like a giant cubbyhouse, with swings and slides and tunnels and rock walls. Archie is a bit small to appreciate the awesomeness, so he what he normally does when we schlep somewhere new that I think he will love, which is to sit in the dirt and play with sticks for forty minutes, occasionally glancing at the playground. He eventually got up and had a wander around, until a bigger kid side swiped him and he cracked it. Good times.

5. I am making this coffee, pomegranate and walnut cake from the Good Weekend for playgroup tomorrow. Ohhh yeah. I don't actually like the taste of coffee, so am purposely baking something I don't like so that I don't eat it all. God, writing that makes me sounds like such a weirdo.