Forget Me Nots.

20130703-141134.jpg There are so many little things that happen everyday with Archie that I don't want to forget. I write his monthly updates but want to keep track of all the weirdo habits, cute stuff and funny things that he does everyday.

Here are some things from right now that blow me away with love for the little guy...

  • He has just learnt to spit food. Not just blurt it out in a splurty raspberry, but actually shoot a piece of mandarin six feet across the room, waddle over and pick it up proudly, then spit it again. Clever.
  • The walking slays me with cuteness. He is basically all belly and giant head, so he sticks his tummy out , gets his balance, then gingerly stomps along, swaying from side to side while pointing in the direction he walks.
  • He is obsessed with my tummy. He will pull my shirt up, poke his fingers into my tummy rolls, grab handfuls and then push his face into my bellybutton and giggle. He is pretty into Lee's bellybutton too, because it is like a freaking cave. Archie can't see his own bellybutton due to his, um, girth, so he is pretty fascinated with everyone else's.
  • Mum's vacuum cleaner is probably his favourite thing ever. He calls it the Brmmm Brmmm and will waddle up to the laundry to pat it and press the buttons.
  • He loves cushions and pillows, and pulls them all down off the couch so he can roll around on the floor in them and pretend to go nigh-nighs.
  • When he really wants something, he scrunches his shoulders up to his ears, points frantically and yells "ta! TA!" with the most determined look on his face.
  • If I ask him where his eyes are, he does this weird squinty blinking thing and cracks up laughing. Mental.