Five Things For A Friday

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1. I am still waiting with baited breath about my new job. The not-knowing is making me slightly mental. They asked for my references though which is a good sign, I hope? So keep crossing those fingers!

2. In light of my potential employment, we are getting the little guy ready to go into childcare one day a week. My mum will look after him the other day I might  work, but she works too so can't really have him more than that. I have heard on the mum grapevine that one day a week can be a bit harder for kids than two or more days, because it's so long between sessions that they forget and get sad all over again. So we will just play it by ear for now, but he will probably end up going two days a week at some point if I start working more hours.

Arch and I went and checked out a place yesterday that looks great. I have no idea what I am looking for really, just somewhere friendly and clean with lots of happy kids. It's on the way to both our workplaces and seems fine, I guess? It has a big playground with sandpits, and it backs onto a creek with lots of trees around. The teachers (I'm not even sure if that's what you call them) seemed lovely. Still, the whole thing is a bit fraught with emotion. I am not looking forward to the first goodbye. He will probably be fine, I'll be the one ugly-crying in the car park.

3. I got snip happy and cut myself a fringe on Tuesday. I instantly regretted it, due to my fine hair having a tendency towards being a greasy mess, but am kind of getting used to it now. I have a fear of mum hair, so what better way to avoid that then having a high maintenance, frequent-washing-and-daily-blow-drying-required fringe?

Also, for the first four or so months after I had Archie, my hair was falling out in handfuls. It was pretty traumatising to see giant clumps of hair in the shower everyday. It hasn't really ever gotten any thicker since then, so I have started using this stuff called Activance, which I think is meant for old balding people. You guys, it WORKS. My hair already feels thicker and stronger after a week or so. It come in a spray that smells vaguely like men's deodorant, but dries without feeling weird or anything. If you too are balding and have, like, seventy hairs on your whole head, you can buy it from some salons and health food shops, or online here.

4. Archie had his 12 month health nurse check up on Wednesday. The little bloke is in the 99th percentile for weight, height and head size. He is quite the unit. When he has his jeans, hoodie and shoes on, he looks like a freaking four year old.

He was suitably charming for the nurse. As soon as I got him undressed, he took off into the waiting room for a nudie streak, giggling his head off. Slightly awkward for the frazzled new mums waiting out there to see a shrieking belly-on-legs running past.

5. I did a Pilates class on Monday morning. I found a flyer in the bakery advertising classes run by a local mum. I have done a fair bit of pilates in my time, mostly on reformer beds. So I was feeling a bit cocky at the beginning of the class, looking around at all the nannas and other mums, while reminding myself that you can't win a pilates class (this is also my issue with yoga. I keep trying to win at yoga, which is pretty much the opposite of enlightenment).

HOLY CRAP I nearly died you guys. It was so so so hard. So many planks and crunches. I am still sore today. Like, the muscles in between my ribs are sore. Who even knew I had muscles there? I really want to go back though, so hopefully I can fit it in around work (God, I haven't even got the job yet and I'm already planning my whole life around it. Settle down, Clark).