Five Things for a Friday.

photo 4 (3) photo 3 (3) photo 3 (2) photo 2 (3) photo 1 (3) photo 1 (2)Looking at his face on the camera of my iPhone and loving himself sick

1.  I had a job interview yesterday, which was GREAT. I was surprisingly nervous but think I did okay. Everyone there was lovely. In the car on the way there I kept telling myself "Don't talk about the baby, don't talk about the baby", and one of the first things they asked me was about Archie. Yay for family-friendly workplaces and working with women! I know that I can do the job really well, and it suits me perfectly, so fingers crossed!

2. Also, in other news, Lee and I applied to go on The Block. We never watched much TV (besides boxsets and Spicks and Specks) before moving here, but we have become kind of addicted to The Block. And with two-and-a-half renos under our belt, I reckon we have a fair chance. The show is shot from November to January at the end of this year, and we don't know the location. I REALLY hope it is Melbourne because I don't think I could do it if we had to move to Sydney.

Being on TV is pretty much Lee's worst nightmare. He is a pretty shy bloke and hates any kind of public speaking or attention, so I have been getting him to practice smiling for the cameras and doing his 'Block Face'. Stage mother, much?

3. I have been doing a bit of looking around at childcare centres around here. There are a few places with vacancies, which is promising, but I am yet to go and inspect them. The whole thing is fraught with emotion. I really want to work more regular hours in an actual office, and I NEED to work so we can afford the freaking ginormous renovations, but god, the thought of leaving Archie with someone else kills me. Even though the staff are professionals and he will probably love it, the thought of leaving him there crying literally makes me feel nauseous. Suck it up Clark.

4. Archie's new favourite thing to do is make fart noises on his hand. It cracks me up. I can foresee when he is a lanky five year old who laughs at farts and loves diggers.

5. We have had a bit of a yuck experience with the tenants at our Coburg house, and without giving too much away, they are breaking their lease and the house is back on the rental market. Not a great beginning to our property mogul careers. But hopefully we get a lovely, peaceful, easy-going family moving in. Who are obsessively clean and love the area. And also love mowing.