Five Things for a Friday. (Sunday version!)

This face. So sad. It is impossible to get good photos of this kid walking.

Install in progress. The stools and tables were made by Lee, the artwork was done by Steve Cross.

Kate Miller-Heidke

Burger heaven.

Shut up mum

1. On Wednesday night Lee and I went to the launch of a restaurant he made some tables and stools for. It was packed and the furniture looked awesome. He is one clever cookie, that guy. Because we were out in the city SANS CHILD, we made the most of it and had some alcoholic beverages, and I wore heels like a proper grown-up. SUCH FRIVOLITY! We kind of thought that the party would include food, but besides a single tiny wagyu croquette and some weird crumbed bone marrow thing that was eaten straight off the femur (eww), there was nada. We hobbled next door to ChinChin to eat and were told the wait was over an hour. Screw that mofo! So we got the hell out of dodge and went to Brother Burger on Brunswick St. OH MY LORD you guys it was amazing. And obviously we had to get Trampoline icecream after. Date night ended with us sitting in the car eating sundaes listening to Smooth FM. Good times.

2. Archie had his 12 month injections on Wednesday morning. He was a brave little soldier. Barely flinched for the first one, then winced a bit for the second. As the lady got the third jab ready he clocked on to what was happening and did epic sad face, but straight after the injection the nurse pulled out a bubble wand and he forgot his woes because BUBBLES! He blew kisses at her as we left. Such a charmer, that kid.

3. On Tuesday morning I spent the morning working and Archie was looked after by my grandma. He was fine! I was slightly worried, not because I didn't think she could look after him, but he has been a bit clingy lately and I thought he would have an epic meltdown when he realised I was gone. But no dramas at all! He is totally fine being looked after by someone else. So obviously now this means I am going to go on a solo holiday to Bali for a week. Or something.

4. This is probably justifies a post all on it's own, but it is funny how many things I do now that I swore I would never do when I was a self-righteous pregnant lady who had never really spent time with a baby before. My golden child would never watch TV or know what a smartphone was, or eat anything not lovingly prepared in my kitchen from organic wholefoods. Yesterday, he was watching Play School whilst sucking on a food pouch and playing with my phone, so I could fold washing. My, how my opinion has changed.

5. On Friday night I saw Kate Miller-Heidke perform at St Michael's Church on Collins St. I went with two lovely ladies I used to work with and had dinner before at the Waiter's Restaurant. The whole night was gorgeous. I don't know much of Kate's newer music but she sang some old stuff too and chatted lots in between songs which I LOVE. What a voice.