House plans.

We visited our new place yesterday afternoon. God, I love it. It smells weird and is filthy and damp and extremely fugly in parts, but there is SO MUCH POTENTIAL. I have drawn it up in CAD so we can start planning out the extension properly, and have begun drafting a bit of a design schedule with finishes and fixtures. We have also drawn up some really high-quality plans and elevations using Doodle Buddy on the iPad which you can see below. I'm sure the planning permit people will really appreciate them.

This is the kitchen. Obviously.

DoodleBuddyiPad (1)

At the moment, there are two original bedrooms at the front with 3.3m high ceilings, huge cornices and deco ceiling roses and unpolished baltic pine floorboards, alongside a hallway. The hall opens into a little lounge area with another big ceiling rose and then through to a crappy little kitchen and bathroom lean-to. The rooms from the lounge room back has been added on, probably in about the 60's, and are literally falling off the original part of the house. Awesome. Lee got in the roof and found that the joists look pretty good, so all we need to do to create the upstairs is pull off the roof sheets, lay chipboard floors and build stud walls.

I'm not sure how I am going to blog the renovation, or even if it is of any interest to anyone, but I know I love a good before-and-after and jeez, this one will be epic. Also, there will be pictures of me wearing a toolbelt and workboots, so that's always hot.

Anyway. Next weekend we will spend Saturday there and try and do the following:

- Rip up the carpet and underlay in the front rooms

- Rip out the skirting boards in the front rooms

- Round-Up the crappy garden

- Pull down the ceiling in the lounge

- Clean up the carport

- Start pulling the carport down

Yay! I can't wait to get stuck in.