Five Things for a Friday.

image_2 1. We are moving house tomorrow. God, I hate it. I just want to be done. I have packed pretty much everything except for our clothes and big furniture, so tomorrow we just have to pack the whitegoods, couch, beds and chairs and a million boxes into the ute and trailer, take it out to mum and dads and then fill their back room with all our crap. I have tried to be a tad more organised this time around and label all the boxes properly, unlike the last time we moved when I got sick of organising and threw stuff randomly into boxes, so the toaster was packed with some underwear, nailpolish, a doona cover and some books. Which made it really fun to unpack.

2. And we settled on the new house yesterday! It's all ours, baby. First order is to change the locks, because god knows who has a key, and um, it's not the most secure house anyway. Then we can start the real work.

3. Archie's 1st birthday is in ONE WEEK. We are just having a little family party, but I have very grand plans for the cakes(s). I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say specialty baking equipment has been procured.

I am feeling all nostalgic about his birthday too. So much has changed. This time last year, I was extremely pregnant and was sick of it. I just went back and read some of the posts I wrote back then, and I can hardly recognise the person I was. What did I do with all my spare time? And my clean house? Probably just sauntered around with my teeny handbag, getting in and out of the car with ease. Being self-centred and drinking wine and flexing my pelvic floor muscles. I used to moan about having to get up at 7.30am to go to work! SEVEN-THIRTY! That would be a gigantic sleep in these days.

4. Last weekend we bummed around all day on Sunday, then went to the pool. The pool is AWESOME. And Archie goes nuts for it. And it was totally not as much work and effort as I always think. I'm looking forward to our new house being a five minute walk to the Brunswick Baths.

5. Last night I finally managed to go to yoga after having to miss it for the past couple of weeks. It was rainy and freezing but I'm glad I went, because I was THE ONLY ONE THERE. As in, it was just me and the teacher. I thought it would be super awkward but it wasn't. It was like a personal yoga session because we just did the stuff I wanted to do. I hope I can find another yoga class when we move to Warrandyte too because, man, I love it.