Readings of late.

I read a lot of stuff, online, offline, in books, in newspapers, in magazines, on the back of noodle packets and on bathroom walls. Here are some interesting things that have caught my fancy lately... My So-Called 'Post-Feminist' Life in Arts and Letters in The Nation. This article blew me away. It is easy to think that the creative industries - writing, making, art, etc- are free from institutionalised sexism, but.... no.

A bullshit-free discussion about the realities of how early parenthood affects your relationship(s) on A Practical Wedding.

I'm not a huge fan of Russel Brand and don't really know much about him, but someone tweeted this piece that he wrote about the horrorific attack in Woolwich and it hits the nail on the head for me.

Need a Job? Invent It in the NYT. "We need to focus more on teaching the skill and will to learn and to make a difference and bring the three most powerful ingredients of intrinsic motivation into the classroom: play, passion and purpose.”

Paul Miller was a technology writer and total webophile before going offline for year. He expected to become enlightened and calmer...but didn't.