Five Things for a Friday

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Kissing the TV. Always with the kissing. This guy!

1. Archie got his finger stuck in the hole in his Very Hungry Caterpillar book this morning. It was jammed right in the middle of a plum, and his fingertip was slowly turning purple (like , um, a plum) so I had to tear the book a bit to get his finger out. It was very dramatic.

2. Allegedly, the other night in my sleep I grabbed Lee's head with both hands, shouted, "Daddy!!" then rolled over and kept sleeping. Awkward.

3. I bought this Sally Hansen nail stuff that turns any polish into quick-dry. It has changed my life. I love having coloured nails but dom't have the time to sit and wait for them to dry. This stuff has revolutionised my motley but vast collection of cheap nail polishes.

4. I am still reading Warren Buffet's biography. It is a bloody big book. Part of me wants to give up on it because it is not aesthetically pleasing on my bedside table. I have , like, house vanity. Don't wear make up or brush my hair, but dear god I have to have a good-looking bedside table vignette.

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The before shot. There is no after shot because... they are delicious..

5. I woke up in a foul mood this morning. My back was killing me because Dave (the cat, not my live-in lover) pinned me down all night and I was too zonked to move, but awake enough to be annoyed and occasionally flap my arms at Dave. And the house is ridiculously messy because we are half-packed and there is crap everywhere and I want to move to a cave in the forest. So obviously, I made cinnamon scrolls.

And an added extra: 6. I am in LOVE with this new (to me) blog Dos Family. They are two Swedish chicks who live in opposite sides of Sweden, and have two kids each and AMAZINGLY colourful over-the-top houses which look real and messy and cluttered. They write about crafty things and DIYs and design and kids and food and everything, and are WINNING at the internet. It totally makes me love my over-decorated colourful house with ten million crocheted blankets and fluoro art and cats and vegies even more. I am all in favour of more FUN in a house.

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