6Off-road pramming!


The master fisherwoman showing the vegetarian how it is done.

4Mesmerising. Note the handy in-fire saucepan shelf.


Meatfest for breakfast.




Dad and Ben.

On the weekend we went camping to my grandpa's shack in Enoch's Point, near Eildon. It is a bit more glamourous than your regular camping (proper beds, fireplace, hot water) but not quite a five star hotel (need a four-wheel-drive to get there, toilet is over a mineshaft, FREEZING COLD). It was perfect for our first semi-camping experience with Archie. My parents and my brother ended up coming too, which made it a lot easier for us.

There was lots of fishing (Dad caught a giant trout on his fifth cast and was extremely smug all weekend), walking, baby-chasing, eating, and fire-poking. Arch had a ball. I think we will spend many more happy times up there, especially when he is a bit bigger and not as likely to try and eat every blade of grass/muddy boot/hot coal.