Five Things for a Friday.

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1. I missed writing this last Friday. It has been getting a wee bit hectic around here, with the whole house leasing/moving/finishing uni business. On that note, I FINISHED UNI. I did my big final presentation on Tuesday night and now I am DONE. Yee-ha! Fully qualified interior designer, yo. Equal parts relief/excitement.

Also, my mum is home. I am muchos glad about that, especially as it has coincided with Archie developing a respiratory infection and being a very cranky, snotty and tired-but-not-sleeping little guy. Welcome home mama! Aaaand here's a snot monster child for you.

2. We leased out our house, to the very first people that came to the open for inspection (here is the rental advertisement). They inspected on Wednesday, applied on Thursday, then signed the lease on Friday. They seem like lovely people and I am pretty stoked that nice people are moving in. They get the keys at the start of June, so we have to be outta here before then. We have to move all our crap out, then do a bit of hole patching on the walls and cleaning, then it's all theirs. It feels a bit weird to be a landlord (I've done it before, but we were living there too and I was renting out rooms to our friends, so totally different story) but I am glad that we are keeping this house. It has lots of memories and is a good little place.

3. We are going away this weekend (making the most of the in-between renovations period which we only get, oh, once every two years) to my grandparent's shack in the bush. It is very 'rustic', and I haven't been for about 15 years, so am looking forward to it. Lee is losing his mind with excitement about going mountain biking and bushwalking and hacking stuff with chainsaws. I am looking forward to cooking marshmallows on the fire and making my dad's famous camping dessert, consisting of a banana sliced lengthways, then stuffed with choc chips and condensed milk, wrapped in foil and cooked on the fire. Yum!

4. Last weekend was Mother's Day. I was feeling ponderous and wrote some stuff. We spent the day at Lee's brother's place with his family, which was lovely. My mother-in-law crocheted me some gorgeous gloves, and knitted Archie a balaclava which is just the bloody cutest thing in the world. He looks like a Telly-Tubbie in it. It will get lots of use this weekend when we go camping so I'll take some pics then.

5. I was having a slight emotional breakdown the other day (sick baby, tired mama, cold, hungry, nothing too major) and was crying in the car, and another lady driver looked over at the traffic lights and gave me a big smile. It made me think of this New York Times article from a few years ago about crying in public.