The Hotel Project is DONE.

I submitted my final presentation for uni on Tuesday night and now I am DONE. Super duper exciting. The final project was a lot of fun, despite some late nights wrestling with ArchiCAD and Photoshop. The project was a luxury hotel in the middle of Melbourne, with a focus on sustainability. I was inspired by traditional Japanese onsen bathhouses, Turkish hamams, modern Tokyo architecture and waxed timber. For the assignment, we created a full drawing package with a CAD model, complete job folder and presentation boards.

Here are my final presentation boards (ignore the weird sample placeholders - I stuck actual tile samples to the board):

Final Board 2

Final board 1


I learned a lot through the course and am glad I did it, but most of my construction knowledge comes from growing up with a builder as a dad, living in building sites for the first few years of my life and obviously from renovating houses myself.

So onward and upward! The next year or so will be interesting career-wise, as I take more control of the business and work on getting the kind of projects that excite me. And I will have my evenings back instead of tucking Archie into bed and immediately scurrying to my laptop to render and design and source and schedule. Changes ahoy!