Four Things for a Friday

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1. I have heard about the book Operating Instructions from a few different places now, and really want to read it. I LOVE Anne Lamott's writing and am interested to see hew take on her son's first year. At the moment I am reading Snowball, Warren Buffet's biography. It is huge, like a freaking phonebook, which makes it physically a pain to read (First world problem, much?) but pretty engaging so far.

2. We are trying to eat more fish, so this week I made fish burgers and seared soy and lemon salmon. I also made pumpkin soup, risotto with walnuts, blue cheese and pear, roasted pumpkin and chickpea salad and three loaves of bread. Lee used to do all the cooking, but now that I am home more I have been getting really into meal planning and grocery shopping. I have also started reading lots of foodie blogs - my absolute hands-down favourite is Dinner: A Love Story. I think I'm going to get their cookbook soon.

3. This study in the New York Times made me cry (it doesn't take much...). It found that babies cam down when their mothers pick them up. So true. Archie snuggles in when he gets a fright (he is scared of mum and dad's robotic vacuum cleaner, random loud noises, and occasionally, peekaboo. Like he'll be fine with the first nine 'boos' but will get a huge fright on the tenth. It is SO FUNNY.) I love that they did a preliminary study into whether fathers and grandmothers have the same effect, and it does.

4. I finish uni in two weeks. CANNOT WAIT. Just to have my evenings back to sit on the couch, watch crap TV and eat the icecream that I have bribed Lee to get from the corner shop. And I'll be a fully-qualified interior designer, yo! The business won't know what hit it.