28 Before 28.

Emma+Lee+Archie_LR-029 So for the past few years, I have made a list around my birthday of stuff that I want to do before my next birthday. I have never ticked off everything on the list - far from it (I'm looking at you, 26 Before 26). Sometimes the stuff carries over to the next year, sometimes it doesn't. Here is last year's list, if you are interested. I didn't do too badly, considering I had a baby two months after I made the list.

Anyway, without further ado, 28 Before 28:

1. Renovate the new house and move in - a work in progress

2. Do at least half of my cross quilt

3. Sort out our super

4. Make icecream in my blender

5. Make a quilt kinda like this one without mum's help

6. Work more in the business and start generating clients

7. Write 100 blog posts

8. Get pregnant again

9. Do the Couch to 5k program - was waylaid by pregnancy!

10. Read the unread books on my bookshelf - this is kind of half done

11. Crochet a beanie for Archie

12. Throw a rad 1st birthday party

13. Eat a durian

14. Make a skirt from my brown skirt pattern

15. Do a session of Bikram yoga

16. Make a photobook of Archie's first year

17. Make a photobook of our wedding

18. Sew a summer dress

19. Make this blog a bit prettier

20. Go to the optometrist

21. Dress Archie up in a Christmas costume (because why have kids if you can't force stupid outfits on them?)

22. Move house (twice) in a calm and orderly fashion

23. Learn to do costing sheets and quotes for work properly

24. Eat less junk

25. Drink more gin and tonics

26. Keep doing awesome meal plans

27. Make homemade Monte Carlos

28. Go to Big River