Five Things for a Friday.








1. We are having photos taken of our house today (the Coburg one, not the new one) so we can get it rented out. I have been frantically cleaning and organising to make it look as lovely and rentable as possible. I will post the photos here when we get them. So now we have to organise open for inspections and all that crap. Meanwhile, we still need to silicone the shower properly, paint some end panels on the wardrobes, fill a hole in the deck, adjust the kitchen doors and, oh, just INSTALL A DRIVEWAY.

2. Archie ate a handful of kitty litter yesterday. Just the clean newspaper stuff, not the actual poo. I yelled 'NO!' at him and did big eyes and dragged him away and he cracked up laughing. Good one, mama.

3. We have been trying to get access to the new house to measure up and have a proper look at it (I sometimes drive past and stalk it on the way to uni, but Lee has only seen it once... about ten minutes before we bought it.) The agent is being a bit of a dick and not giving us the keys, so we took matters into our own hands and.... broke in. It is vacant, so it wasn't really trespassing. And it is technically our house. And the back window was already broken. So anyway, we managed to measure up, take lots of photos, check the levels and draw up a floorplan. We have sent it to our student architect friend to draw up the plans properly and then it is ON. I can't wait to just get in there and start ripping it down. Demolishing is by FAR the funnest part of renovating.

4. Arch has just learnt to walk around behind this plastic walker thing that I hate, but he loves it and is so proud of his new independence. He gets a bit out of control though once he starts pushing it, so he has to run it into a wall or furniture to stop. Between that and the constant falling down, it's like a demolition derby at our place. 

5. In case you haven't all had enough of me banging on about my famous-on-the-internet wedding, then here is a quick video of the day. I have watched it over and over and over already, and keep pausing it on the bit where Lee announces that it is not just a naming day, but actually our wedding, and the crowd goes wild.