So to set the scene, I am sitting here in Ugg boots, leggings, a thermal top, Lee's gigantic old grey hoodie (with the hood up, obviously), a scarf and a dressing gown. HOT. Because it is insanely cold. What the hell, Melbourne? At least ease us in to your frigid winter, instead of going straight from 30+ degrees to THIS.

Anyway, Lee and I watched The Lion King last night. It was the second time he has seen it (I know, I know) and about the 247849th time I had seen it. And yet I still totally lost my mind and burst into tears at the end when Simba and Nala have a baby lion and they hold it up to the sky, all big blinking newborn eyes and curled-up paws. This is an animated cartoon aimed at children, and I knew the tear-jerking scene was coming, but GOD. So many tears. So this brings me to the point of this post, which is that ever since seeing the two lines on the stick I just peed on, I have become ridiculously emotional. I know my mum is reading this and rolling her eyes because I was still quite the cry-baby before getting knocked up, but this is a whole other kettle of fish. When I was pregnant I could blame the emo on hormones, but now I am thinking that it is just the way I am now. SOB.

Things which I have cried at recently:

  • I am still yet to read Guess How Much I Love You to Archie without tearing up at the end. Big Nutbrown Hare whispering to a sleeping Little Nutbrown Hair... it gets me every time.
  • Some random fact I read on the twits about female elephants forming a circle around an elephant in labour and trumpeting encouragement while she gives birth. Epic waterworks over this one.
  • The thought of Archie going to school.
  • Boston, Sandy Hook, Aurora, MIT, gang rapes in India, explosions in Texas, murders in Brunswick. I actively avoid the news when there is something horrific happening (which is often). This is a big step for an ex-news journo.
  • When Archie had sore teeth and the only thing that soothed him is sitting on the floor cuddling into me, watching ABC Kids while I rubbed his back. Poor little guy.
  • The thought of that episode of Love My Way. If you have seen the series, you will know what I am talking about.
  • When Archie had a coin in his mouth.
  • When my mum left to go overseas for three weeks. THREE WEEKS. What am I, nine years old?

Pass the tissues.