Five Things for a Friday.

Every morning when Lee leaves, this is what happens, accompanied by some "Da da da da DA DADADA!" and frantic door banging. 1. It is 7.37pm but it feels much later. Daylight saving kicked out asses last weekend. Archie had been waking up at 5am (oh joy) and so of course then began waking up at 4am for a few days. But it actually turned out okay, because after  little bit of tough love (aka my old friend controlled crying) he started sleeping through until about 6am, which is much more civilised. Anyhoo. I am exhausted today.

2. It was my birthday on Wednesday! Yay! I am 27 now. It is an age that always sounded SO OLD when I was a teenager. I remember thinking that 27-year-olds must have every aspect of their life sorted. Granted, the last year has included lots of the trapping of adulthood (had a baby, got married, bought another house) but I am still waiting to feel like a grown up.

My birthday was pretty low-key but still fun. Archie woke up at 6.30am which is unheard of for him, so I was pretty stoked by that. Lee made us pancakes for breakfast before he went to work, and I hung out with the little man in the morning before meeting Mum for lunch and some shopping. I got a gorgeous leather jacket and a few t-shirts and things from my parents, and a new stereo for my car from Lee. Actually, I got most of the things on my list, which is rad. Ask and ye shall receive, yo.

I had dinner at mum and dad's place in Warrandyte with my grandma, my brother and my uncle. We had eye fillet, roast pumpkin, garlicky potatoes, gravy, peas and a lemon macadamia tart. Perfect.

3.I met my gorgeous friend Marnie at the Collingwood Children's Farm last weekend, and I am actually going there again tomorrow to catch up with the girls I used to work with. Archer is getting to an age where taking him out to cafes can be tricky, so the Children's Farm is great for making a mess and being loud and generally acting like a boisterous, almost-walking 10-month-old baby.

4. I just made some treats (brownies and cookies) for tomorrow, and now am planning on hopping into bed and reading Real Living and Inside Out with a giant pot of tea. Lee is working late again - he has been flat out all week, poor chicken - which is a pain, but I do kind of love having the house to myself in the evenings (sleeping baby aside, obviously.)

5. Oh, I almost forgot! We are internet famous once again. Our wedding is being featured on the STUNNING bridal website and magazine Hello May. I spent quite a while scrolling through beautiful wedding websites when I was planning our shindig, but never imagined that my wedding would get featured. I got all teary reading the article and looking through the photos that our fab photographer Tricia took. One day when I get sorted I will write a bit of something about the day, but for now Hello May have done a wonderful job.

(Although, they did say that my mum did all the DIY stuff, and she did do a lot of it, but I made the bowties, my hairpiece, the invitations and the decorations. Just to clear that up, ha!)