Splish splash!

It has been HOT here for the past week or so. I am SO over it. We have been going to the pool a fair bit, and on Saturday we went to my best friend Sam's mum's place for a swim. She grew up a few doors down from me in Warrandyte and I pretty much lived at her place over summer because she had a pool. I remember being about six and walking there on my own, but mum would watch me from the end of our driveway to make sure that I wasn't kidnapped in the 150m between our house and Sam's. And I remember baby Ben coming too sometimes with his floaties on. It is pretty special that we have been besties for over 20 years. Crazy. He has a little tiny tooth bud that I can see. It hasn't broken through yet though. I'm hoping they all bust through within a few weeks with no dramas. And I REALLY hope they don't interrupt the awesome sleeping we have had going on. I did some more tough love and got him sleeping through and he is so much happier. And the last two days he has been doing two-hour morning sleeps too, which is freaking amazeballs.

Anyway, I digress. Archer LOVES the water, so we got him in his little rash vest and speedoes and his hat, which he spend the whole time trying to take off so I fashioned a very attractive homemade strap. Poor kid. Excuse the average photos, they were taken on an underwater camera that isn't much chop. I thought about recreating the Nevermind album but didn't trust him not to poo in the pool.









That leg chub! So yum.