On the move.

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Archie is on the move. He is climbing up everything, crawling like a maniac, and pulling himself up to standing IN HIS SLEEP. Last night he called out at 4am, and I went in to his room and he was standing in his cot hanging onto the rails, still asleep. Awesome. I put him back down and he woke up and started crying, so I fed him and he would have a little mouthful of milk then try and climb up me to stand up again. It's like he's thinking, 'MUM! I don't lie down anymore, remember? I only stand! IT'S JUST WHAT I DO!'

Fun nights ahead!

(Also, on a sidenote, a very very dear friend of mine is doing something very very special today. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, WOMAN. I love you and wish I was there!)