Life now.

I don't put that many photos up here, mainly because I am a pretty average photographer, and even if I do take photos, I can rarely be bothered to actually get the photos off the camera in a reasonable time frame. Anyway, the other day I took some snaps of around our place. Keep in mind that I am not a stylist or a photographer and these are totally unedited. Compared to the before photos of our house, I think the place has come up pretty freaking well.

My living room. The horse is named Willemina. We found her in a gutter in the back streets of Collingwood, so I cleaned her up and gave her a new home.

My couch is navy blue. Not that you could tell.

Lee made almost everything in this photo. The cabinet, lamp and three of the guitars. I made him the stuffed guitar for his birthday last year.

I got these on Ebay years ago.

Kitchen. The scales are an ebay find too. Ignore the slightly wonky tiling in the background.

More kitchen photos. The door hanging thing on the right was bought in India, the photo holder thing is from Urban Outfitters and the map is from Zetta Florence.

Our so-close-to-finished kitchen! Still need a door for the corner cupboard, a bulkhead above the cabinets and a few other little things. I would also like someone to tidy up the mess.

Looking back at the house.

From the deck to the yard. I do love our back yard. We had to do a bit of rejigging to avoid cutting down the fig tree and fit a shed and carport without losing too much space, but now it is a awesome, private, BIG and green yard.

Bathroom. Still lots to finish in here.