Seven things from a married lady (!)

I do love morning snuggles with this face 1. I haven't written on here for so long! Mainly because I have been flat out with secret preparations for our WEDDING! It was on Saturday and was honestly the best day of my life. I will do a big blog post when I get more time and photos, because I need time to do it all justice. So, so magical and special. I am still buzzing three days later.

2. Archie had his six month health nurse check up yesterday - he will be six months this coming Saturday. He is 8.99 kilos and 70cms, so still a big bloke. The health nurse was very impressed with how well we had gone with getting rid of the dummy and working on his sleep. He has gone from waking up every two hours and having three 30-40 minute naps a day, to going to bed at 7pm and waking at 8am, with one or two feeds during the night. She said that because he is putting on weight so well and is eating solid foods, we could probably stop his night feeds. At first I was like, yay! More sleep! But last night when I was feeding him in the dark at 3am, and he was all sleepy and warm and gorgeous and snuggly in his sleeping bag, falling asleep at the breast, I didn't want to give up that middle-of-the night special time. So we will see. I think we will wait until after January anyway to implement any routine changes as we are staying at Lee's mum this weekend, then are going up to my dad's family's Christmas in Swan Hill, then staying at Torquay after Christmas, so he might be a bit frazzled from all the bed-hopping.

3. On that note, Christmas is in exactly  three weeks today! Crap! I haven't even thought about it because I've been so focussed on the wedding, but I am realising that I better get my act together. I have got presents for my parents and Archie, and need to get something for Ben and for the Kris Kringle presents. I am making flavoured olive oils for Lee's family so have to get onto that, and there are a few crafty things I want to do to celebrate Archie's first Christmas that I can't reveal yet as my mum reads this! I also want to get a photo with Santa and Archie too. And I haven't even put the tree up yet. Agh!

4. I have a massive uni project due tonight. Gulp! I feel like I have done a half-assed job because my mind has been elsewhere, but I will be so glad to get it over and done with.

5. I have made so many awesome friends since becoming a mum. I have the playgroup mums on Fridays, who are all lovely, and gym mums on Mondays, and then other mums who I catch up with intermittently too. Plus I have made one really good mum friend who is freaking awesome and I have to restrain myself from being too full on because I basically want to be her best friend.

6. Speaking of best friends, the photographer who did our wedding was amazing. We just connected so well and got on like a house on fire. I love when you meet people who just get you, and you secretly fall in love with them a bit and want to be their best friend and want them to like you and to come over for dinner and go shopping together. Anyway, we both just hit it off and hopefully can stay in touch (I will stalk her until we are BESTIES!).

7. Mums come in lots of different flavours. Someone in our family is about to get ( I don't think 'get' is really the right word... have? take custody of? welcome?) a permanent foster son. Mind. Blown. The kid is eight, and they have no other kids. I cannot even imagine how intense it must be to one day go from having no kids and lots of spare time and no one is dependent on you, and then BANG. School pickups, dinners, rules, tidying rooms, play dates, computer games. Full on parenting. What an experience.

Ok, so this post was going to be 'Ten things from a married lady' but Little Man is chatting to himself in his cot and his yabbers are getting more insistent, so I have abridged it to seven items. More to come!