Archie's Santa Wishlist

This will be Archie's first Christmas, yay! I'm pretty sure he will have no idea what is going on, but hey, I'm still really freaking excited about playing Santa. I have to restrain myself from buying him ridiculous amounts of things, but here are a few things that Santa might bring Archie.

The Make Me Iconic wooden tram. I have wanted this for SO LONG but couldn't really justify getting it for myself. Now that I have a kid I can finally get it. It's not like Archie's going to be allowed to play with it, anyway. I used to catch one of the old W Class rattler trams along Latrobe St everyday and it made me feel like a tourist in Melbourne. The roof of this handcrafted tram comes off and there are little wooden people inside to play with. Awesome.

The Cat and Mouse Pull-Along by Lark Made. I love old-school wooden toys (and Archie seems to as well)  and this cute little cat riding a scooter would be rad for the little guy to play with.

Anything from Fable Baby. I first saw some of their stuff at a Melbourne design market and LOVE IT. I usually shy away from putting Archie in really babyish clothes, as he looked babyish for about two weeks before morphing into a tiny boy person, but these printed leggings and hand knitted jumpers are gorgeous.

This vest hoodie from Minti. That bear! The colour! The baby hand-shaped pockets! Gah.