Eating I don't know if you'd call it eating, but I've been drinking green smoothies like a crazy lady. I don't have a lot of time to make proper meals so have been stuffing all sorts of things into my blender and drinking it throughout the day. This morning I had spinach, cucumber, kiwi fruit, rockmelon, lemon, ginger and chia seeds. Yummo! To balance out the healthiness of the smoothies,  I also have a massive tub of lemon curd in the fridge and have been eating spoonfuls of that.

Reading So Archie has turned into a non-sleeping little monster baby. Three people now have recommended the book Save Our Sleep to me, so I downloaded an ebook of it yesterday and as of today we are on a new routine aimed at better sleeping. Hopefully it helps little man sleep better so everyone is happier! The book aims at having two big naps and one short nap a day, rather than the 5 40-minute sleeps Archie was having before. I find it helpful to have a plan of attack, as when I'm seriously sleep deprived I get so flustered that I literally have no idea what to do to help him, so with a schedule I can clearly see what has to happen next. Finger crossed this works!

Making I started uni this week (more on that later) which is awesome but pretty freaking full on. Because I'm working as an interior designer now too, it feels a bit weird doing these huge projects and not being able to invoice at the end of them! But otherwise I have been making the cross blanket still. I have made about 40 squares and have about 100 to go.

Thinking I have no idea how anyone with more than one kid does it. Seriously. There are days when I can hardly manage to dress myself or eat  so I have no idea how anyone could manage two kids, or more. Lee is one of five kids and I honestly cannot fathom how his mum did it.

Coveting More hair. My hair is STILL falling out in massive handfuls. It is so depressing! And it has faded to this weird brassy colour, but I don't want to colour it in case more falls out. Apparently post-partum hair loss usually clams down by about 6 months. God! By then I will be totally bald. My ponytail is a little scrawny thing. I told the Health Nurse and she suggested I cut it all off, but I'm not ready for a sensible 'mum' hairdo yet!

Working on a big commercial project for uni. It is a warehouse conversion project so there is lots of room to be creative. I love this part of it, where I can come up with crazy concepts and ideas and then have to pare it all back to something realistic. I am in a new group at school because I deferred to have Archie, and this group is all at different levels which is interesting. I feel a bit like the new kid though as they are all a bit cliquey but it is only early days!