Crafty good times.

Image I have SO many things I want to make. Lots of ideas flittering around in my head. But I tend to start something, get bored halfway then start something else. I have lots of unfinished things shoved in drawers and boxes.

So. I am taking a stand against the unfinished things and working on only one thing at a time until it is DONE.

This is what I am working on now:

  • Crochet cross quilt. I have completed about 30 out of the 150 squares needed. The enormity of it is so intimidating, but I must persevere!
  • Bibs for Archie
  • Turn my red dress into a skirt
  • Crochet a baby vest like this one
  • Doily rug (a bit like this - basically it is a giant doily pattern made with huge hooks and super thick yarn)
  • Geometric quilt (inspired by this and this)
  • A wooden cube necklace
  • This necklace 
  • These wrist warmers 
  • A dress kind of like this one 
  • And 589, 456, 985 other things