Three months.

If you'd asked me a year ago to picture what life would be like now, my description would have been pretty far from the reality of right now. It is a year since I got pregnant and so much has changed in that time. I have been ripped open - literally and emotionally - and had my entire world turned upside down by a tiny (by tiny I mean huge) wriggly kidlet. Who ever thought that a little person who can't even control his own arms and who farts and burps like a tradesman would have such power over me! Before I had Archie, I told myself that I would always still be myself, make sure I had time for my own interests, would try bottle feeding so I can get some time away from the baby and would make time for Lee. Pffft. As if that has happened. Any time I get to myself I end up looking at photos of Archie on my phone and wondering what he is doing. My own interests involve doing design work while feeding him and sneaking in some sneaky crochet in the 20 minutes between Archie going to bed and me falling asleep on the couch. We tried expressing and bottle feeding so I could have a morning on my own, but I missed Archie so much that I came home after an hour. I miss him while he is asleep and sneak in to watch him snort and yabber in his sleep. He is really becoming a person now, instead of a little wiggly blob. He can clearly recognise faces and is quick to smile at anyone. We had a doctors appointment the other day and the doctor said, "Ooooh, he's a big flirt!" as he was grinning and batting his lashes at the receptionists and had them all wrapped around his little finger. Such a charmer! He can grab at the toys on his dangly activity mat thing. He has fallen in love with a lion toy called Ryan, and will lay down and chat to Ryan for ages.

His hair is growing longer, but he still has a little newborn tuft on top of his head. He looks like a chubbier version of Alfalfa from Little Rascals (blast from the past!). What a spunk.

I have been making more of an effort to get out a bit more, especially as the weather is getting nicer. I have made a few other mum friends which is so awesome, as this is such a full on experience that it is so reassuring to talk to other young mums who are in the same boat.

Some pics of the little monkey: