A day in the life.

I love reading about the minutiae of other people's lives- how often they change their sheets, what they eat for breakfast, what time they go to bed. And since becoming a mum and having a hell of a lot of time to ponder the minutiae of my own life, I wonder what all the other new stay-at-home mums are doing all day. Partially because I want to know that I'm not the only one who sometimes wears pyjamas until 4pm or possibly lets my son sit in his spewy onesie for longer than I should, and partially because I want to find a hot tip that will magically make everything a bit easier. Anyway, here is a rundown of a day in my life, in case you are interested. This is not really a typical day, but then I guess there isn't really a 'typical' day. He doesn't usually sleep as much as he did today, and we are usually out and about a bit more.


5.30am - Lee's alarm goes off. I wake up in a total panic because Archie has SLEPT THROUGH since 8.30pm and I run into his room to make sure he is still breathing, then do a little happy dance when I realise he is okay and I have had EIGHT hours of sleep in a row. Please note that this is not at all a common occurrence so this probably isn't going to be the most typical of days. I think my excitement woke him up though, as he started squawking and waking up. I fed him for about 10 minutes then popped him back in bed.

6am - Lee leaves for work. I get back into bed and snooze whilst checking Facebook on my phone. My boobs are about to explode with milk as they aren't used to being full for this long so I basically lay in a puddle of leaking milk.

7.40am - Archie wakes up properly. I do a full feed and change him from a disposable nappy into a cloth one. He promptly does a massive spew over both of us. Change him again.

8am - I put Archie in his bouncer and being energised from having had so much sleep, I attempt to do the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. This is the first time I have exercised (apart from walking) since Archie was born, and I nearly died. I actually have no muscles. Archie giggles and grins at his sweaty, red mum flailing around in pyjamas and runners.

9.20am - Archie goes back to bed. He whinges for about 5 mins then falls straight asleep. I shower and get dressed properly. Have some porridge with blueberries, a cup of peppermint tea and a bottle of water while emailing, reading blogs and paying bills. Lee calls and we chat about how good it feels to have slept. I consider cleaning the house a bit.

10.45am - Archie wakes up with a poonami in his nappy. I'm pretty sure he stores his biggest poos up until he is wearing a cloth nappy, just to make it that little big grosser. I change him, scrape and soak the nappy and feed him.

11.20am - Put Archie on the floor and run around tidying while talking to him and stopping for baby smooches every two minutes.

12.20pm - Put Archie back to bed. I clean the kitchen, mop the floor and do two loads of washing. Eat some leftover tortilla for lunch. Realise I have nothing to take to mum's group this afternoon so cut up some strawberries at the back of the fridge and put them in a nice container.

1.00pm - Archie wakes up. Change him into a disposable nappy and a cute outfit. Play with him on the floor for a while.

1.20pm - Get in the car and leave for mum's group just around the corner. Feel slightly guilty that we didn't walk there but plan on going to the supermarket afterwards anyway.

1.30pm - Mum's group. We talk about sleep and settling techniques. Good to hang out with other mums and their gorgeous bubs. I feed Archie and he falls straight asleep in the pram.

3.30 - Go to Aldi. I know I need stuff but can't remember what exactly, so just get a bunch of random groceries.

4pm - Arch wakes up just as we get home. Feed and change into a cloth nappy. We hang out on the floor for a bit. I fold washing and chat to him.

5.20pm - Archie back in bed. I dick around on the internet for a while and watch the news while crocheting.

6.15pm - Awake again. Change into a cloth nappy. So much sleeping today! This is definitely not a normal example of a day. We do some tummy time and play for a bit then feed. He is really fussy and cranky and doesn't want to eat, but then yells when I take him off the boob. Fun times.

7.30pm - Lee gets home. We cook salmon and steamed broccoli with a spinach, walnut, blue cheese and apple salad. Here's a pic:

8.00am - I give Archie a top up feed, then he has a shower with Lee. He seems to like the water splashing on him.

8.30pm - I change him into a onesie and a disposable nappy, then give him a kiss and cuddle and pop him into bed. He is pretty good at falling asleep on his own, but needs a tight swaddle, a dummy and white noise playing on the iPad to get him to drift off. Hopefully he will sleep all night again, but I'm not getting my hopes up too much.

9pm- Lee and I watch Go Back Where You Came From and eat dinner, then will go to bed at about ten. Fingers crossed he sleeps all night!