Moving forward

I had my first mother's group meeting yesterday. Finally! I have been hanging out for it, as I literally don't know anyone else with tiny babies and have been getting pretty desperate for other mum friends. It got to the point that I was making slightly overeager conversation anytime I would meet another mum with a baby in the coffee shop down the road, or casually run into the front yard when I saw another mum walk past with a pram. What a weirdo.

It was pretty great. There were only five of us, although the health nurse said that there were 12 mums invited so some more might turn up over the next few weeks. I am definitely the youngest by a fair few years; most of the other mum seemed to be 30+. We spoke about our birth experiences, about breastfeeding, how we are or aren't coping with sleep deprivation and about our lives pre-baby. There are not many times that you get to discuss with virtual strangers how many vaginal stitches you had after labour or how constipated you were during pregnancy! I don't think I'm going to be lifelong friends with any of these women, but they all seemed lovely and it was so, so, SO good to talk about my experiences with people who understand and who won't get sick of baby talk.

Archie is doing so well. He is a little chubber- already into size 0 clothes that are meant for six month olds. He is so 'talkative' now, and LOUD. He gabbles away to himself in his cot or in his rocker, and gives anyone who talks to him the biggest goofiest grins. As soon as I leave the room he starts yelling out 'gah! GAH!' at me until I call out to him or come back. So cute.