One month.


Baby boy is four weeks old this Thursday, and one month old on Saturday. We are getting into our groove a bit more now. There are a few moments when I feel like I have been doing this forever. I can change nappies with one hand and have mastered breastfeeding while walking around. But there are still lots of times when it feels like I have no idea what the hell I am doing, mostly when he is crying lots and can't be settled. 

Archie is growing so damn fast. He is already over 5kg and into clothes meant for 3 month old babies. He was really grizzly today so I spent the whole day carrying him and my arm is so achey now! He is much more alert and can recognise Lee and I's faces and follows us across the room with his eyes. He sleeps in four or five hour stints at night, which is great, and feeds every two hours during the day. He has a massive appetite and would literally just feed constantly if I let him. 

Better go, he is waking up and will be hungry again!