Ten things from the first two weeks.

  1. I've never paid this much attention to poo and wee before. Archie did an explosive poo yesterday that shot out of his bum and sprayed me about two foot away. It also got the carpet and the wall. Seriously. He also weed straight up in the air, over his head, onto my face and in my mouth. Lovely.
  2. SO MANY EMOTIONS. I know that new mums are supposed to be a bit hormonal and emo, but honestly, this is ridiculous. I swing from feeling like a five-year-old kid who just wants my mum to look after me, to feeling massively happy and awesome, to wanting to save all the babies in the world. Poor Lee cannot keep up with my moods.
  3. There has been a constant stream of visitors, which is lovely. I literally have to schedule them all in at different times, because we only have a few coffee cups and chairs.
  4. Lee hasn't taken any time of work, which has been really difficult. He is in the middle of a big project that will be signed off today, so hopefully next week he will be around more. It's kind of unavoidable, but I really just want him here so he doesn't miss out on the Archinator. 
  5. I keep looking forward a lot to when he is bigger, or more interactive, or sleeping more, but then I remember that he is already two weeks old and will never be three days old or a brand newbie ever again. Gotta enjoy the present.
  6. We have been for a few walks and trips to the shops and out for breakfast. I was really nervous that he would cry the whole time and we would be that annoying family with the screaming baby, but as soon as he gets in the pram he falls asleep. We had breakfast at Jackson Dodds, just around the corner, which is a really noisy cafe and he slept in the capsule the whole time, totally oblivious. Yay!
  7. I cannot wait until I am fully healed and can go for long walks and start moving a bit more. After nine months of feeling nauseous and massive and sore, having some sort of control over my body again is an awesome feeling.
  8. My mum has been a total godsend. I don't know how people who live away from their families manage to do it. She turns up most days and cleans, cooks us dinner, does washing, makes sure we are eating properly and showers the little guy with so much love. Love you Mum!
  9. I am already thinking about the next kid. The first two weeks have been hard, but so magical that I can't help but fantasise about our eventual little family of four.
  10. I am seriously paparazzi-ing the crap out of the little guy. I have my phone on me all the time and have taken an insane amount of photos already of his crazy facial expressions. He has Turtle Face, where he raises his eyebrows and sticks his head out really far; Guppy Face, with really wide open eyes and a tiny pursed mouth; and Crazy Piglet Face, which he pulls out when he spots a nipple and starts huffing and puffing and opening his mouth really wide while waving his head around like a crazy man. So freaking cute.