38 weeks.

  So close and yet so far away! You have turned around and have engaged in my pelvis which is great as it means no breech baby so I can deliver you naturally if everything goes to plan.

I’ve been on maternity leave for a couple of weeks now and am getting pretty bored and over it. I can’t move much and get tired really easily, and generally just feel like a giant heffalump. Lots of sitting around in my pyjamas watching movies and napping, which is fine, but I find it hard to relax and do nothing when there is still a lot to be done!

I REALLY can’t wait to meet you now. I never thought that I would be at the point where I am looking forward to the birth, as it terrifies me, but I do just want to get on with it now. Apparently first babies tend to come a bit late, so I probably have another two weeks to wait. Agh! Don’t know if I can handle that.

Your room is pretty much all set up, I’ll take some proper photos once I get around to it. Both the nannas, the Manfriend and I went to Baby Bunting on Saturday and got all the final things that we will need, like nappies and wipes and face washers and the pram. Mum and I are going again tomorrow to get the capsule installed properly and I think I’ll look at getting a baby sling too so I can carry you around.

You really are going to be a much-loved little person. So many people out here are hanging out to meet you and shower you with love and kisses. I can’t wait to be your mum.




Mum xx