Five things for a Tuesday

1. I'm on maternity leave! My last day on Friday was a lot more emotional than I expected. The people at work got me gorgeous gifts and made lovely speeches and were generally awesome. I kind of lost the plot a bit on the way home though because I have defined myself by my job for so long and am now on a one way train to being a mother!

2. Our house is more or less done. Mum and Dad came over on Sunday and we did a whole heap of work finishing off the little things which were freaking me out. The floors are being sanded today, and the laundry will be ready to go in soon too. Mum and I tiled the kitchen splashback on Sunday, so the kitchen just needs doors and it's done!

3. I am being thrown a small, simple baby shower this Saturday by my gorgeous friend Marnie. It is pretty much just family and a few close friends, which is just what I want.

4. Apparently the whole pregnant-lady nesting thing is not a myth. I have lists and lists of projects that I want to do and make in the next few weeks before the baby is born, mostly involving food, crochet and decorating. I am planning to make this quilt and this cat cushion and this rug and this necklace. Ambitious? Yes.

5. Lee and I saw the Avengers movie on Saturday night. Movie adaptions of comics are my secret (well, not actually secret at all) love. I LOVE X-Men and loved the Avengers too. Robert Down Jnr as Ironman is awesome.