Five things for a Tuesday.


1. It is my last week of work. This makes for a weird, bittersweet feeling. I'm really looking forward to not having to get up early and dedicating time to nesting and preparing for the baby's arrival. But at the same time, it draws a firm line in the sand between being a mother and, well, not-a-mother. Because I'm resigning rather than taking leave, it means that I have to make my own way through the whole returning-to-work thing once I'm ready. This is one of those 'life' moments where every decision feel like a big one, and you know that in a few months everything will be changed forever. Gulp!

2. I've got this new song by Clare Bowditch featuring Lanie Lane on repeat. I freaking LOVE both of these women and am so happy that they are collaborating. Lanie Lane's album 'To the Horses' is my most-played on iTunes.

Sidenote- A few months ago, the Manfriend came home from a quick meeting with a lady who lived around the corner and was interested in him building her a kitchen. He said something about her being a musician and having a studio at home. I asked if she was anyone I would know, and he said "her name is Clare... her husband's name is Marty" and I lost my mind. He had just been in Clare Bowditch's house and chatted with her for ages. Jealous!

3. Our kitchen is pretty much in! Last night the Manfriend installed the oven, dishwasher (!) stovetop and sink. I cannot describe how freaking good it is to be able to prepare a meal on a benchtop instead of an upside-down plaster bucket, to put dishes in the dishwasher rather than try and wash them in the tiny bathroom sink, and to have SIX burners to choose from on the stove instead of one lousy camping cooker. Small pleasures!

4. I am making lots and lots of lists. I have a list of easy things that I can do on the house (this is more so I feel that I am contributing -  there is so much work to be done but I can't lift anything or bend over or be around fumes or stand up for too long!), which is mostly things like scraping paint off windows, tiling, cleaning the bathroom, spackling and dealing with tradies.

I have a masterlist of baby things that we need, which is categorised into 'before birth', 'a few weeks after' and 'six months after'. We have most of the stuff, but still don't have the major stuff like a pram or any storage for the baby's room.

I have lists of activities I want to do while on maternity leave, things to do for uni, things to do for the house, activities I want to do with the baby...  so. many. lists.

5. My mum and I spent the weekend at Daylesford for her 50th birthday present, which was so, so lovely. It was freezing cold and blustery and grey, but kind of perfect weather for what we were doing. We took our time getting up there and stopped at a cafe/pathwork/crafty shop in Trentham for devonshire tea and a pink spider before checking into our room in Daylesford in a really old, rickety house fitted out with antiques. We spent ages trying to find somewhere nice for dinner, as most places were booked out, but ended up going to a fancy hotel restaurant in Hepburn Springs. On Sunday, we had massages and spa treatments before coming home. Lovely!