Five things for Tuesday.

1. Our house is getting there. The Manfriend stayed up late on Sunday installing the kitchen, which makes it look so much more finished! He made the recycled timber benchtops which look awesome, and will make the island bench too. We have the builder there for the rest of this week and he should get the deck and most of the inside stuff finished completely. Yay! 2. We had the second half of the BirthReady workshop this past weekend, which was really helpful. We watched a video of a birth and I burst into tears watching it. I've never seen anything like that and it was totally overwhelming watching a little new human pop out.

3. I have eaten so much licorice in the past few days. It's all I want to eat. I've even resorted to drinking licorice tea to satisfy the craving.

4. I have seven working days left. SO EXCITED. I am looking forward to having time to relax and sleep in, and set up the baby's room and finish the house without having to feel guilty and tired all the time.

5. We are nearly finished our first CAD project at design school. I think I am finally getting the hang of it. I did the reflected ceiling plan last night and am ready to do elevations now. I hate the feeling of not knowing how to do things so it is nice to finally 'get it'.