Five things for a Thursday

1. I saw these on DesignSponge and now want them so badly. Waffles that look like furniture! Imagine the possibilities!

2. Our house is getting closer and closer. The plasterers are just finishing up this week, then we hopefully have painters coming next week , then carpet, then floorsanders the following week. Yay!

3. I bought a full-length body pillow at Spotlight yesterday on sale. I was a bit dubious of them as they take up so much room, but wow. Seriously best thing ever. I have named mine Ryan, after Ryan Gosling, so I can delude myself into thinking I am sleeping between two hot men every night. Even the Manfriend has started referring to it as Ryan.

4. At uni we are still mastering CAD. I managed to put doors and windows into my house which was a lot more exciting than it should have been. Although once I switched it to 3D view I realised that my windows were sideways and would require two people to open them and the weight would probably pull the wall down. Oops.

5. My feet are swelling. This is one of those pregnant lady things that I thought couldn't be as bad as people make out, but Lord, it is a pain. They get all huge and puffy and red and sore by the end of the day. I am wearing my Jellies all the time, as they are the only things that fit once my feet swell up, but my feet look so hideous that I want to put them in boots all the time. The joys of pregnancy!