Thirty-four weeks.

So I am 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow. It is getting serious now! Six weeks to go, and that is assuming that you don't make an early appearance. I have two weeks left at work, but am working from home for a few days so really only have about seven working days left before maternity leave. I feel like I've been pregnant for ages, but at the same time it has gone super fast. We still need to get a pram and baby capsule, plus a million other things, and set up your room.

You are moving around so much lately. I think space is running out in there so I feel every little movement. Yesterday you had your feet up in my ribs which was pretty uncomfortable, so I put an icepack on my ribs and you quickly did a flip to get away from the cold! Sorry about that.

It was my mum's 50th birthday on Tuesday and I saw lots of family who I haven't seen for a while. You are already so loved and cherished by so many people. Your dad loves talking to you and is getting really excited. He is doing a great job getting the house finished and ready for your arrival. He will be such a good dad.

My three-year-old cousin was there and kept patting and rubbing my tummy. She asked if you were kicking and I said that you were sleeping at the moment, so she told my auntie off for talking too loudly as the baby was sleeping! Lovely.

We had the first half of the birthing workshop last weekend, which was amazing. I was unsure of what to expect, but it turned out to be so worthwhile. We learnt about different pain-relief options, about the different stages of labour and pre-labour, and relaxation techniques that can help. I think the Manfriend got a lot out of it as well. It made me feel a lot more prepared for the birth. Next weekend we cover the actual birth and early parenting skills. I'm a bit hesitant in case we have to actually watch a birth, as that might freak me out too much, but the early parenting stuff should be good.

We have been having more midwife appointments, and everything is tracking fine. I had some bloodtests done a while ago and they showed that I am anaemic and have low red blood cells, so I have been taking iron tablets and trying to eat more meat. It has already been making a big difference to how I feel. I freaked out a bit as I didn't want to you be anaemic too, but the midwife said that you will be taking everything you need and leaving me depleted.

Can't wait to meet you - not long now!

Love mum xx