Reno update

My brother and the Manfriend knocking out the back wall of the house

Hanging plasterboard whilst seven months pregnant. So much for putting my feet up.

This will be the kitchen. The room at the back with the washing machine will be the laundry.

This is our back shed. For realz. We tore it down on the weekend and it is SO GOOD not to have to look at it out the window. God knows what kind of people were living here before us.

This will be the kitchen.

Our house is getting close to being finished-ish! I say finished-ish because what I considered finished has changed considerably. When we first got pregnant I wanted the entire house done, inside and out. After a few months it was clear that wasn't happening, so just having the inside of the house finished was enough, as I could live with a shitty yard for a while. Now, I am happy to have a functioning kitchen, bathroom and baby room.

Living in a dusty, building site with no kitchen or laundry and a half-functioning bathroom whilst seven months pregnant is getting a bit old.

Despite being set on doing all the work ourselves, we have had to suck it up and get a few tradies in to help. For the past two weeks, Josh the builder and his apprentice James have been there, and good Lord, do I ever love Josh. He is 23, gorgeous and a super-fast worker. I love coming home everyday and seeing the house looking more and more completed. Architraves on! Flooring laid! Plasterboard hung!

We have plasterers coming this week and the painter coming next week, then all we have to do is install the kitchen and laundry, sand the floor and carpet the bedrooms. Woo!