Five things for a Tuesday

1.  I have only fourteen working days left until I'm on maternity leave. I am SO looking forward to not having to commute to the city everyday and deal with people telling me how huge I am. And I realised last night that I have heaps of things to get before the baby arrives, like get a crib, a pram and a baby capsule. Let alone a kitchen and functioning bathroom... 2. I've been having green smoothies for first breakfast (followed by weetbix and chia for second breakfast once I get to work), after being inspired by my best friend's raw food obsession. It takes a bit of guesswork to get the right combo of ingredients so it isn't too yuk. This morning, I used a bunch of spinach, a celery stick, a carrot, an apple, a squirt of lemon juice, a handful of blueberries and a blob of honey. It was fairly gross.

The other day I did one that was two apples, a bunch of spinach, lemon and ginger, which was more palatable. Less is more!

So far, we have used the blender every single day since it arrived. I have a green smoothie in the morning, then we usually have some sort of milk, yogurt, banana and milo concoction at night too. It is so insanely powerful. I want to get chocolate topping, ice cream and Mars Bars and make dessert smoothies too.

3.  My mum and dad are back from New Zealand. They did pretty much exactly the same trip that we did, but without the dodgy campervan and self-catering. I missed talking to my mum more than I though I would, as she is totally my sounding board for random pregnancy freak-outs and questions.

The midwife told me last week that  I am anaemic (which is not surprising as the Manfriend is vego so I don't really eat much meat either), so my mum made me a gigantic lasagne and a lamb and rosemary potato pie. Gotta love a mum's cooking!

4.  As an extra birthday present, the Manfriend got me an embroiderable (that is a word) iPhone cover. For someone addicted to their phone and to crafty good times, it is freaking awesome. I lost my mind a bit when I unwrapped it. The cover is red rubbery plastic with a grid for cross-stitching. I have begun a chevron pattern but it is taking AGES as the holes are really tight. It still looks cute being half-done though!

5. Five people in the last two days have told me that I am huge, really big or enormous. No woman ever enjoys being told they are huge in any context. Yes, the baby is large and I am obviously very pregnant, but seriously!

Other things people have said in the last few months:

-  You haven't put on much weight in your face though! (Umm, neither have you?)

- You look so big! But it's all good fat. (It's not actually fat. It's a human being.)

- Why would you not find out the sex? You'll bond so much more with the baby if you know the sex! (ARE YOU FOR REAL?)

- You look exhausted. (This was when I had a burst of energy and was feeling pretty good about myself. Way to burst my happy bubble.)

- Don't you realise that horizontal stripes make you look wider? (I am not fat. I am growing a human being. And since when is commenting on someone's weight EVER appropriate?)