27 before 27

So for the past few years I've made a list of things I'd like to do before my next birthday. I turned 26 last week and just had a look at the list I made last year. I never intended to complete everything on the list, but have made a fair crack at it. A few of the things I couldn't do as I was preggers, but I'm pretty happy with my efforts. Here is this year's list. It will likely be a bit different as I'll have a newborn baby and so will have limited time to myself, but having a list of happy things is a nice reminder to do fun things before life gets in the way.

1. Do a baby/belly before and after shot

2. Finish the inside of the house completely

3. Make almond butter

4. Finish all my crafty things before starting something else

5. Set up the kitchen properly

6. Take lots of photos of the baby

7. Break my iPhone addiction - HA!

8. Get my own design clients

9.  Join a mother's group

10. Quit sugar (gulp!) - again, HA!

11. Spend lots of time outdoors

12. Relax more

13. Drink green smoothies regularly

14. Start a regular date night routine with my Manfriend

15. Make Turkish Delight

16. Sort out our super

17. Have a very special first Christmas for the baby

18. Keep writing here

19. Make icecream in my blender

20. Make cinnamon rolls

21. Read A Tale of Two Cities

22. Graduate as a qualified interior designer

23. Get an awesome folio together

24. Hang out with Sam more

25. Breastfeed

26. Make a quilt kinda like this one without mum's help

27. Crochet some fingerless gloves